Robin James

Robin James,  Sous Chef

Robin’s love and inspiration for cooking began as a young boy helping his mom in the kitchen.  Robin would stand a stool next to his mom at the stove and help stir the savory sauces and gravies she is so famous for.  A local chef (and friend of the family) saw the emerging culinary talent Robin displayed at an early age and would often invite Robin to work in his kitchen and learn the tools of the trade. Determined to pursue a culinary career, Robin attended The Art Institute of California, San Diego and honed his skills. 

Before coming to Culinary Concepts, Robin gained experience at several of San Diego’s premier restaurants including Jake’s Del Mar, Catamaran Resort and Bali Hai Restaurant where he worked as a cook and sous chef.

Robin loves to travel and explore the world. His most recent excursion took him to London and Ireland where he immersed himself in their culture and cuisine.