Donald Coffman

Donald Coffman, Executive Chef

Donald Coffman rejoined Culinary Concepts in 2012. He had previously been with Culinary Concepts 2004-2008. His career includes: Waters Fine Catering- Chef de Cuisine and Co-Executive Chef, chef de Cuisine at Paradise Point Resort and at a myriad of notable establishments: Milles Fleurs, Laurel, Café Japengo and Hotel Del Coronado, among others. Working with Culinary Concepts Prior to 2004, he worked alongside Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein when they were in Southern California for their book tour.

Chef Coffman’s menu and cooking style reflect his passion and commitment to promote local, sustainable and responsible menus. Chef Coffman creates delicious food from healthy plants and animals; a focus that builds communities and celebrates cultural heritage while promoting regional diversity. Chef Coffman insists the foods he serves are grown & harvested with sustainable methods that benefit our local ecosystems & promotes biodiversity. You know when you have experienced Chef Coffman’s cuisine— multi layers of flavors and textures, and your pallet goes on a culinary adventure.