Chris Gerzabek

Chris Gerzabek, Sous Chef

Chris was born and raised in San Diego and in his youth he could be found at the beach surfing with his bros, or, in the Culinary Concepts kitchen.

Chris literally grew up in our Culinary Concepts kitchen! From the time he was able to see over the stovetop, Chris began working next to, and learning from, his father, Chef Manfred Gerzabek, a founding partner of Culinary Concepts.

Chris’ hands-on culinary education is founded on traditional techniques and classic gastronomic traditions passed on to him by his father.  In the years since his father’s retirement, Chris has continued his education through passionate exploration of current food trends, flavor profiles and locally sourced products.

In addition to his talent in the kitchen, Chris has infinite knowledge of all things catering. He is our go-to reference for onsite kitchen logistics and has a tool chest of problem solving ideas. While Chef Chris is diligent and focused, he has a great sense of humor and keeps our culinary family in a lively mood.

Chris has been a treasured colleague with Culinary Concepts for over 20 years.  

Fun Facts about Chris:

  • Loves good beer
  • Loves his cars
  • Loves Megan