Mar 24, 2017

Sharing Food Connects Us All

Sharing food is part of our life’s gatherings and connects us all through cultures, generations, experience and our sense of place. Your Culinary Concepts team will first listen to you and then create a custom menu designed to exceed your expectations. Chef Donald’s ingenious culinary talent will take your comfortable favorite foods to a whole new level of creative.fresh.delicious taste, flavor and presentation.

Our Food

  • Your guests deserve creative.fresh.delicious (and sustainable!) food prepared hot on site.
  • Chef Donald will craft your scrumptious menu to honor all of your guests’ dietary values, including organic, gluten free, vegan, etc.
  • Every menu is built from the freshest, highest quality, seasonal, locally sourced, and sustainably harvested products
  • Our menus are free from chemicals and additives and we shun canned products or ‘ready-made’ items

Added Value for our Clients

  • We own, maintain and clean all of our own equipment. 
  • When we build our kitchen on site, we know our equipment will perform without fail and that it has been cleaned with natural products, by hand, by our trusted staff, and will not have any chemical residue or odors to impact the flavors of your food
  • We own our own equipment so your rental costs will be reduced.
  • Our equipment inventory includes plates of all sizes and shapes, table flatware, service utensils, bowls, etc., all kitchen equipment such as ovens, fryers, grills, etc.


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