The New Children’s Museum

200 West Island Avenue San Diego, CA 92101

A New Downtown Landmark. The Children’s Museum San Diego is a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of the vibrant Marina district. Located at the corner of First and Front Street and Island Avenue, the building occupies approximately 50,000 square feet, and spans three-stories. The Museum includes a dramatic three story atrium, a 17-foot concrete entrance bridge, angled “saw tooth” roof structure, tilt-up concrete panels based on Irving Gill’s concept, a glass-enclosed elevator shaft that functions as a heating/cooling tower, multiple galleries, a 250-seat theater and outdoor spaces. The new structure utilizes ëgreení building practices, and is one of the first “green” museums in California. Renting the Museum for a special event will offer your guests a creative and dynamic new location for celebration!

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