Port Pavilion

1000 N Harbor Dr San Diego, CA 92101

The Port Pavilion; Great for Big and Small

You don’t need to be a “cruise ship size” company to enjoy the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier as your next amazing San Diego event venue. At first, the large open space on the ground floor can seem a bit cavernous …. but by adding a few  key elements, the Port becomes a warm & efficient space for your next business/social event.  Starting with the natural flow of the Port Pavilion;  guests will arrive at the spectacular entrance, begin to stroll through the building, and continue on outside to an incredible view of the harbor lights.  Your guests can enjoy the cocktail hour outside (we suggest adding a few patio heaters for cool nights) or inside, featuring a bar set up and tray passed appetizers. The cocktail area will be complete with high boy tables and lounge furniture vignettes for comfortable conversation areas.  For dinner, your guests will come inside for a formal plated meal in a cozy space defined by “pipe & drape”, or, for a more casual meal, guests will indulge in strategically placed food stations or a buffet that will also work to define the dinner space.  So, if you’ve got 200 or 2,000 guests coming to dinner, treat them to an evening to be remembered at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier; and don’t forget to call us for a creative.fresh.delicious meal and experience!

Don’t hesitate — book the facility today! The Port’s friendly staff will assess all your needs and provide a site tour to help you choose the right room for your event.

Site Specifications

Capacity: 2,600
Square Footage: 52,00

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