Nov 10, 2015



The holiday season is upon us! A time of pumpkins, family and festivities. Well before St. Nick starts coming down the chimney, we still have thanksgiving to look forward to.

Something that I was recently introduced to through my group of close girlfriends is a new trending event that takes place around this time of year called “Friendsgiving”. Rumor has it that the infamous show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is to thank for the new tradition of friends gathering and giving thanks; but, whoever is responsible for the new fun tradition, we thank you!

Below we have compiled a list to help you host a successful, yet fun Friendsgiving!

1. The host serves the turkey and is responsible for providing serving dishes for the items brought by guests.

2. Delegate and assign dishes. This creates a variety and eliminates the potential outcome of 4 green bean casseroles showing up, or only pumpkin pies.

3. Have a self-serve bar with a signature drink. This is a fun and creative way to flare up your Friendsgiving. Our suggestions is to have the drinks pre-poured, this allows the hostess to welcome guest without delay.

4. Digital invitations. We live in an era that is driven by technology, so e-mail evites are always easy and cost effective when planning a gathering like Friendsgiving; plus new features allow you to save it to your calendar immediately, so there is no excuse for friends to forget.

5. Set your table the day before. Not only will this help the host the day of to keep their sanity, but it also allows you more time to pop your turkey in the oven and relax until your guests arrive.

6. Play games. What is more fun than laughing and being silly with your loved ones? Playing games with your guests creates a relaxed atmosphere while it also encourages everyone to stick around and hang after dinner.


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