Oct 3, 2017

Why Culinary Concepts?

Why us?

Building a rapport with our clients allows us to gain a better understanding of their needs.  Part of creating an exceptional event is knowing who your client is, who the attendees will be, and what their expectations are.  Every event is different. Event emphasis can range from vegetarian cuisine, exotic décor and specialty china, a time-sensitive event schedule, kid-friendly foods, international dishes, to a casual and fun outdoor event.  In our 27 years of business we have executed and perfected techniques for almost any style of event a client can dream up.  When we do encounter an unfamiliar request, we love to step up to the challenge, and always learn something in the process.  The more we know about our client, the easier it is to custom tailor the ideal event for them.

Attention to Detail:  Constant attention to our client’s wishes, precise execution, beautiful and unique décor are all combined with our savory cuisine to create an event that delights all the senses.  We immerse not only the guests, but our entire team, into the theme of the event, so guests are fully engaged from the moment they enter until the last guest has departed.

Complete Service:  Our team will orchestrate every aspect of your event to relieve you of cumbersome details and anxiety.  We can plan your entire event from start to finish. We have established relationships with many reliable vendors, which makes for seamless events!  If a client chooses not to work with our established vendors, we are more than happy to coordinate with any vendor they choose to do business with. 

Impeccable Food Quality:  Fresh ideas are conveyed through fresh food.  Culinary’s  repertoire of fresh food ideas exceeds 5,000 menu items and grows daily.  Our Event and Catering Specialists are constantly researching dishes to suit the theme of each party.  Chef Donald Coffman and his crew find no task too big or too small to conquer.  Guests will thoroughly enjoy the food from a visual standpoint as well as taste.  We believe food should be entertainment unto itself.  The art of crafting an unforgettable event requires culinary innovation.  That’s why Culinary Concepts is  constantly finding ways to keep up with the hottest food trends.  Reinventing our everyday favorites, Short Plates, Food Pops, Spoonfuls…We are constantly staying connected to what’s going on in the industry. 

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