Oct 17, 2017

Stress-Free Events

Culinary Concepts:  Offering Extraordinary Cuisine At Stress-Free Events!

In this day and age where every restaurant, deli, and Mom & Pop is offering “catering” services, party planners throughout San Diego County continue to rest assured partnering with Culinary Concepts for their special event needs.  Their expertise is apparent, with a proven 27-year track record; the team at Culinary Concepts really does have off-premise catering down to a science and art form.

Excellent food is our passion. Chef Donald Coffman brings a unique combination of superior cuisine, professional service, and comprehensive event management to the Catering Industry.  Culinary Concepts is committed to making your event unforgettable. 

Let’s Talk! Culinary’s first step to catering success is building a rapport with clients, to gain an understanding of their specific needs.  No one event is ever the same as the next; to create an exceptional event a caterer must know who the client is, who the attendees will be, and what their expectations are.  Different groups’ emphasis can range from vegetarian cuisine, exotic décor and specialty china, a time-sensitive event schedule, kid-friendly foods, international dishes, to a casual and fun outdoor event.  Over the past 2 decades, Culinary Concepts has executed and perfected techniques for almost every style of event a client can dream up.  When encountered by an unfamiliar event request, Culinary Concepts steps up to the challenge, always eager to perfect a new dish or to expand their skill set. 

It’s all in the details!  Culinary’s constant attention to client’s wishes, precise execution, beautiful and unique décor are all combined with savory cuisine to create an event that delights all the senses.  The detail oriented team focuses on the fine points and the big picture to assure that guests are fully engaged from the moment they enter until the last guest has departed.

NOT Just Food!  Turn to Culinary Concepts to help orchestrate every aspect of your event and relieve yourself of cumbersome details and anxiety.  Their established relationships with many reliable vendors, including rentals, linens, florists and lighting, make for seamless events.  Partner with Culinary Concepts to experience STRESS-FREE event planning!

Creativity Meets Innovation!  Culinary’s repertoire of fresh food ideas exceeds 5,000 menu items, and grows daily.  The Catering Specialists are continuously creating and reinventing dishes to suit the tastes of each client or the theme of an event.  Culinary’s cuisine is known for its striking visual appearance as well as amazing taste.   The art of crafting an unforgettable event requires culinary innovation.  That’s why Culinary Concepts not only stays current with industry styles but SETS hot food trends for others to follow!

Total Commitment.  The Culinary Concepts team is passionate and committed to providing guests with best culinary experience possible.  Culinary Concepts anticipates inevitable changes & challenges, and experience and flexibility allows them adapt to and adjust to any situation that may arise.  Culinary Concepts will go to great lengths to assure all guests leave satisfied!  Culinary Concepts defines themselves as a relationship driven company that sets the industry standard in customer service, quality and integrity. 

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