Apr 20, 2017

Chef’s Talking About…..Lettuce!

What’s interesting about lettuce?   

  • Well, lettuce is less abundant these days and it doesn’t look all that delicious. This spring our leafy greens are more like wilted browns.
  • All that wonderful and necessary rain we had a few  months ago managed to bring California out of a historic drought AND delayed some of the planting local farmers usually do in the fall. 
  • Arugulas, romaine, green leaf, red leaf, butter lettuce, even the hearty iceberg lettuce and classic “spring mix” are struggling to make a good showing this season and they are expensive! 

Why is Chef Donald Coffman talking about this? 

  • For the next several weeks, Chef Donald may need to adjust the selection of lettuces used in his menus based on using the highest quality local produce available to him. 
  • Chef will only use produce that is the freshest, tastiest, and has the best  presentation.
  • Chef is talking about lettuce because he wants us to be aware that if an event menu written months ago calls for spring greens, you may see some spinach leaves and kale in the mix as well.

Culinary Concepts and Chef Donald Coffman’s commitments to you: 

  • We want the best for you and your event and this means providing you with information you can use in your decision-making process. 
  • Chef Donald Coffman will never compromise a dish by ignoring what mother-nature is producing… or isn’t producing
  • Culinary Concepts is committed to sourcing local seasonal products.  In the short term this can add cost savings to our clients and in the long term this helps reduce our carbon footprint, supports ourlocal farmers, community our and ecosystem.

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