Apr 18, 2017

Are You in Charge of an Office Event? Part 2

Is your company planning a celebration, a retreat or an intensive strategic planning day?  Are you in charge of making this happen?  Let Culinary Concepts do the planning for you. Over the coming days, we’ll share ideas that will make your office event planning easy and will impress your boss and co-workers.  

Our second recommendation:  Menus Matter  

The right menu can make or break an event. The menu should enhance the desired outcomes of your company event. Here are some examples of outcomes company events may be working to achieve:  

  • For a Company Team Building, Retreat, or Educational Activity:  
    • The outcome may be to have the team create, think, learn, focus and participate.   
    • For an event like this Culinary Concepts will design delicious and beautiful “brain food” menus featuring synapse-stimulating elements such as:  
      • Dark chocolate 
      • Blueberries  
      • Avocados  
      • Whole grains 
      • Nuts and seeds 
  • For a Company Lunch Celebration:  
    • The outcome may be to celebrate a milestone or product launch and then get back to work!  
    • For this type of event, Chef Donald Coffman will create a menu that features:  
      • A light protein such as salmon (*also an amazing brain food*) that won’t put your team to sleep at their desk in the afternoon.   
      • A protein rich side dish. One of our favorites is a Forbidden Rice & Quinoa Blend  
      • Fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits   
  • For a Company Cocktail Reception: 
    • The outcome may be to celebrate, then head safely home to feed the kids 
    • For this type of event, serving satisfying bites that don’t drip or spill is must    
      • A variety of textures, shapes, colors  
      • Unique or special flavors  
      • Items that honor diverse dietary choices and restrictions (gluten free, vegan, kosher, etc.) 

Next time: The Company Dinner Party

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