Whoops!  Where ARE our prices?

All of our menus are customized for each client.  No event is the same as the next!  Therefore, we don’t have set pricing.  After a preliminary consultation, we will be able to prepare a proposal for you specifically, with your tastes and budget in mind.  Because this menu is tailored to you, it should include more precisely what you are looking for, and none of the extras items that you may not need.

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of an event, and it’s not always an easy task!  Fortunately, our experienced event planners know what questions to ask upfront, to avoid cost adjustments down the line.  Factors that can effect the bottom line include:

  • Time of year: What’s in season?  Are the ingredients that you want available at that time?
  • Date:  4th of July, Holiday weekends, special event days—labor costs can potentially be higher if it’s difficult to find staff available to work.
  • Guest count:  Portions of event costs are based on our overhead—the cost to run our kitchen, costs of our delivery trucks, event equipment, etc.  These costs get spread out thinner over a larger guest count.  Also, our food costs go down when we buy in larger quantities, and we can pass that savings on to you!
  • Length of the event:   Our staff arrives on site with plenty of lead time to make sure everything is set and ready to go prior to your guests’ arrival.  We stay until the guests depart—you wouldn’t want us pulling chairs out from underneath your guests, would you?  Therefore, the longer the event, the higher the labor costs.
  • Time of Day:  Is your event right at 12:00 noon or at dinnertime?  Your guests will arrive hungry and  expect a full meal.  Is it first thing in the morning?  Plan for at least 2 cups of coffee per person.
  • Desired menu items:  Tenderloin costs more than sirloin, Sea Bass costs more than Mahi.  We know these costs like the back of our hand, so we can help guide you to your budget price without sacrificing the quality of your menu!
  • Style of Menu:  Buffet, Sit Down, Food Stations? Sit down meals have less food but more labor (1 per ~20 guests).  Buffet meals have more food but less labor (1 per ~30 guests).  Food Station meals usually have more labor & more equipment, so usually cost more.
  • Style of Service:  Full Service event? Delivery service with limited staff?  Or just delivery and set-up?
  • Venue:  Is it up 4 flights of stairs?  Do we use an elevator to load in?  Do we need to build an on-site kitchen or is there one already there?  Considerations like these can effect the price.  To ensure that we are all on the same page, we will conduct a site visit and produce a CAD diagram with the layout of your venue.

How do I compare my quotes?  They all look different!

Some helpful hints:

  • Our quotes are all inclusive; We line item each element so you can see how our costs are broken down
  • All of our quotes include china, flatware, napkins, coffee cups and saucers (or disposables when appropriate), buffet tables, linens and equipment, guests’ table linens, and ALL necessary labor (captain, wait staff, bartenders, chefs & kitchen assistants).  Double check that all of these elements are included in each of your quotes.
  • Labor:  less labor isn’t a good thing!  You don’t want to be shortchanged on the day of your event, and not enough labor is the fastest way to sacrifice the quality of an event.  If you are unsure, just ask us.  We know exactly how many people it takes to successfully orchestrate each type of event.  If there are no kitchen staff on your quote, please be aware that your food won’t be freshly prepared onsite!
  • All of our quotes include service charge and CA sales tax.
  • Gratuity is completely optional and at your discretion (some companies charge it automatically)
  • If additional rentals are required at your venue, we will obtain a quote for you so that you can see the whole picture.  Rentals often include onsite kitchen needs, glassware, tables, and chairs.
  • Generally, we will suggest that our clients pay vendors (rentals, bar, florists, etc.) directly.  If these elements were added to our invoice, we would be required to add a service charge and sales tax.  This way we save you money!  And you get the benefit of our coordination services with no mark up.

A NOTE ABOUT BEVERAGE SERVICES:  Culinary Concepts is not licensed to sell alcohol, but we are happy to obtain a quote for you, or provide bartending services for your beverages.  Whether it be Beer and Wine, Full Bar, a Signature Drink, or Infused Waters, we can help guide you to determine the best beverage package for your event!