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Sep 30, 2010

DIY Wedding Decor Success! Heather & Aaron dress up Orfila!

One of our fave couples, Heather and Aaron, used their artistic eye to decorate Orfila Vineyard with awesome, vintage, shabby chic accents that really put the perfect finish on an already perfect day.  We were so excited to see how it all came together, and photographer Jackie Wonders did a great job of capturing the […]

Aug 6, 2010

DAMASK!! can’t get enough of Damask!

What’s damask, you’re wondering?  Well it’s only THE HOTTEST craze to hit weddings since the candy station!  The fun, retro pattern is showing up everywhere from favors and napkins, to table runners and invitations.  Culinary just added some elegant black and white lamour damask napkins to our inventory–make sure to ask us about them–an easy […]

Jul 21, 2010

Cute food idea of the day!

Now, I'm not usually one for gimmicky food presentation ideas, but this one was just TOO CUTE not to share.  Perfect for a child's birthday party, an office celebration, or a picnic, this dessert pretty much combines the 2 best sweets around–cookies and cupcakes!  Definitely try this one at home! 

Jul 8, 2010

Ultimate Team-builder: Iron Chef Competition!

Looking for the perfect team builder event, and tired of the same old ropes course, scavenger hunt or trust games?  Look no further–because the Iron Chef Competition is where it's at!  Our client NRG treated their staff to a cooking competition last month that was soo much fun!  Culinary Concepts provided the produce and other […]

Jun 29, 2010

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in our kitchen??

Well now you can!  These photos really do a great job in illustrating just HOW HARD our chefs work when they are on site.  They have the "plate-up" process down to an artform!   Hot foods? Check. Assembly line in place? Check. Servers with trays, waiting in the wings? Check. Chef Chris Gerzabek stresses the […]

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