How we’re green

Culinary Concepts is Powered by Solar Energy!

Culinary Concepts use of clean solar energy is a reflection of our clean food principles.  

Chef Donald is passionate about preparing creative.fresh.delicious menus using the highest quality, organic, locally sourced and sustainably harvested products. Our menus are free from chemicals and additives and our clean solar energy is reducing our environmental impact by decreasing carbon emissions and waste. We believe our culture of positive social action is in line with our customer’s values and expectations.

The electricity that our solar panels produce is emissions free and will reduce the demand for electricity from our utility company.  We continue to look to the future and strive to eliminate inefficiency and incorporate strategies that lessen our environmental impact.

Culinary Concepts has always been passionate about our practices of purchasing quality, organic, locally sourced, sustainably harvested products, and adding solar is just one more action we have taken to meaningfully impact our community. We believe our culture of practicing positive social behavior is in line with our customer’s values.