How we’re green

Culinary Concepts is Eco-Friendly and Going Solar!

  • We’re proud to present seasonal menus made with the freshest ingredients-no additives and are grown pesticide free.  All seafood prepared in our menus are sustainable.
  • Culinary Concepts sources its food products from local purveyors, farmers, artisans and produce gardeners. Pesticide free produce and no hormone induced meats, poultry or seafood.
  • We opt for recyclable plastic, bamboo and/or corn-based products vs. Styrofoam.
  • We are moving towards fewer printed materials, and printing on recycled paper for in-house and external documents.
  • Culinary Concepts recycles paper, plastics, glass and cardboard at our offices, in the kitchen and warehouse, and provide trash and recycling cans on event sites to encourage our guests to do the same.
  • We recently changed our coffee to Javo eCo a brand by Javo Beverage Company, whose has an organic certification that promises their beans are from the best quality; beans that are not exposed to any herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals.  Click for more


  • Our company donates to Blooms from the Heart (organization that recycles flowers from events and venues by delivering arrangements to San Diego area hospitals, senior homes, hospice centers and other facilities where they can be enjoyed)
  • Retrofitted low energy bulbs in offices, warehouse and kitchen
  • Culinary Concepts’ kitchen donates it’s used cooking oil in order to convert it into bio-diesel fuel.
  • Continuing Education is a part of our fiber. Team members attend seminars, and conventions, we research and get involved with green events (The Children Museum’s Plan It Green Vendor Showcase) and orchestrate field trips to nearby farms to learn about what’s trending with our local vendors.
  • Organic Menus are always an option for our clients.